Maintaining good records is a key ingredient for managing any business or asset effectively. In paper-intensive industries, such as the oil and gas royalty and mineral management, good record-keeping is essential, but enormously challenging. Tracking royalty payment data can be an overwhelming burden for landowners, as they attempt to monitor and verify a profusion of information about oil and gas volumes, prices, deductions, expenses and taxes. File set up and numeric filing conventions designed by Trinity integrate seamlessly with LandTracker.™

Trinity Mineral Management offers LandTracker,™ a custom-designed database tool that simplifies the arduous task of record-keeping and gives landowners the ability to keep backup data in one location. LandTracker™ is a central data repository that houses and organizes data associated with royalty payments.

The system, which is easy to learn and easy to use, can make calculations automatically. LandTracker™ provides meaningful data and reports that enable landowners to visualize and interpret relevant information to make informed decisions. Additionally, LandTracker™ is accessible via a standard Internet connection and acts as a bridge to complementary software applications and databases. Powerful, intuitive and flexible, LandTracker™ easily adapts to meet changing needs and requirements.

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